Fluffed Animals began in 2012 with a sewing experiment and a wish to make something cute. Ever since that first (somewhat lumpy and awkward-looking) fox was created, I’ve been hooked. It’s like a little bit of magic every time I can take a sketched idea and bring it into the world as a real, huggable animal pillow. Of course, I couldn’t keep all the cuteness for myself! So I opened up a shop on Etsy and learned that other people loved these little guys just as much as I did.

Each time someone purchases one of my handmade products, I am amazed that something I created will be making its way into a new heart and home, somewhere in the world. I sometimes imagine the exchange from the perspective of a Fluffed Animal: being created by a pair of caring hands, traveling somewhere new, then finally being greeted by the excited face of the recipient. What a fun adventure!