About Fluffed Animals

Laura Fisher, Fluffed Animals

In 2012 I was a full-time design student and an almost full-time grocery worker. One evening (probably while I was putting off studying), I decided I wanted to make something cute and fun just for myself and the first fox pillow was born. He was quite lumpy and rather awkwardly sewn, but I loved him anyway.

From there, I thought my fox needed a raccoon friend to keep him company, so I sat down at the sewing machine once more. After sharing a photo of the pair, several people said they wanted some animal pillows of their own and a friend suggested opening an online store.

The lineup of adorable animals has expanded quite a bit over the years, but that first fox (I call him Oliver the First in my head) holds a very special place in my heart. Sharing these sweet creations with the world is incredibly fulfilling and I'm so grateful for each and every order that comes through.

I hope these cute little faces bring you as much joy as they do for me when I make them.

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